Monday, March 20, 2006

Time to write again!

Ok, my PhD studies is taking its toll. I feel I should get back to writing now that there are poor souls like the one who commented (2nd one) on the previous post want me to write something. :-)

The trouble however is that nothing is on my mind as of now except for my 'spatial alarms' project. If you are wondering what it is all about then you must take a look at this link -
It is a simple enough course project - not meant to change the world and stuff but it sounds very practical to me.

Apart from that I just finished watching 2 hours of Stargate SG1 and 3 more hours to go. Sometimes I wonder if I am really a grad student. ;-)

Now a few comments about my phd life which I am sure you must have thought must have driven me nuts by now. The truth is that its fun and far more stressless (did I make a new word there?) than high school. Anybody heard of National Public School - oh boy! life there was far more hectic that PhD. I dont mean to say PhD studies are easier - I am just saying its actually 'fun'. Of course there is no money but there are some nice things you can work on - learn new stuff and have fun at the same time. The pressure is not bad. Univs in the US are cool in terms of amount of work you have to put in. As long as you listen carefully in the class and learn stuff with passion life is good.

Thats it for now. I shall later get back with something better!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Link to my Official webpage

Finally I made a webpage for myself -

Well, if you havent yet guessed - I am at georgia tech now. The link above should give you more information.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Yet Another Beautiful Tree (YABT) Posted by Hello

Food Court!

Lunch at Food Court!- Guess who is missing? Posted by Hello


Flowers at Top! - Yet another crazy photo Posted by Hello

Top - Our Bread and Butter! Posted by Hello

Space Needle!

Space Needle! - Not a very good photo but this is the best photo of the space needle that I have. Posted by Hello

Campus Playground! Posted by Hello

A sign board! Posted by Hello

Building 25! Posted by Hello

A beautiful tree!

Another beautiful tree on the Microsoft Campus, Redmond Posted by Hello

Microsoft! Posted by Hello

Vishal Posing! Posted by Hello

Chicago waterfront

Chicago! - Yet another photo copied from Rohit's visit to Chicago. This was simply too good to resist ;) Posted by Hello

Chicago SkyScrapers! Posted by Hello

The Chicago Bird! Posted by Hello

Bellevue Posted by Hello

Mt.Rainier Posted by Hello

Alki Beach!

Alki Beach Park! Had a good time playing volleyball on the sands. Posted by Hello

Boeing Flight Museum!

Boeing Flight museum! Copied this picture from Rohit. Feels bad to have missed out this visit though :-( Posted by Hello

More Skyscrapers Posted by Hello

Seattle Skyline!

Seattle Skyline! The picture got blurred though. :-( Posted by Hello

Indian Restaurant

Dinner at an Indian Restaurant in Seattle. Look at the post titled "The Gang!" for the names of the specimens in the photo. Posted by Hello

Kishore Chintalapati Posted by Hello

My house!

Bellaire place - my house! Posted by Hello

More Bellaire Posted by Hello


Bridge over the deception pass! Posted by Hello